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Surf Camp
Saturday, 1 April 2006
I'm testing too --Janet

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Wednesday, 8 March 2006
For this post, I tested sending by an email to the blog. Works?

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Saturday, 18 February 2006
Later in the afternoon
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The endless looking for the place -- late episode because suggestions of where it is.

cell phone visitor who is obsessed with getting service -- turns out that something bad has happened or he was waiting for a very important call -- dramas

No one can fly out and the surf and board has to put up all the extra people. strange bedfellows

Territorial surf gangs -- locals and surf classes.
The girls surf camp
Bonded club between the instructors from all the different surf schools -- Chris doesn't go out.

Allusions to surf movies: mooning. poker game and having to moon on the board.

Freaky and tight suits and patchouli etc.

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Kick off notes
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Matt the Brit
The surfer/guitar guy
Das and Ariel

?Das could shit in a bag and not care. I?m not like that.? Ariel

The Lists:
Chris: muscles involved in surfing
Matt the Brit: ? music?
Surfer dude with guitar: scuba fish
Waitress: beverages and juice ?Uh?You had me at Corona?
Manager: Tom and Barbara, local not drop dead gorgeous; Thomas Haden Church.
The widowed chef

Mid-season, showing Tom the manager?s arrival for a surf competition. The first amateur surf competition in 1968, set in the look of the 1960s, an entire episode that?s Endless Summer style.

The owners of the surf camp are in ?Argentina? the story that is never resolved.

International sound track (i.e. grime on the Matt episode) and Jack Johnson theme song

Going to commercial is part of the show; the blacking out with the lists.
Four commercials in a half hour.

Northern Exposure humor. Real life at surf camp is that it happens at a real life pace ? the drama and the humor are everyday pace. Quietness and slow speed.
Tales of the City. Interpersonal drama.

Set opening of the show:
Sex and the City, the set up of the scene = airport
Guy with the guitar making up a song
The airport: two members getting on the plane Heathrow (Ariel and Mat) or J&J sitting with surfer on jet blue.

Devices are for efficiency ? so airport transfers to tell the background of the new additions. Also to show the people heading out. Exiting shot at baggage claim

Fake Irish accent, getting on the plane in Ohio dropped off by Mom. No one calls him on it. There?s an Irish person playing with him, but lets him off the hook? Falling in Love?
Harried single mom ? drops of kids?on the show not that much happens.

Writing a post card. Calling home in the kitchen ? no cell phone reception ? device for eavesdropping and overhearing without

Surf instructors
Chris: Everyone else on vacation, your vacation not mine ? always ask me to go out every night
Detachment, yet a little involvement
Locals telling the stories over and over.

Richard Linklater as model: Dazed and Confused, Slacker, Before Sunset
Its like Love Boat.

Juan, goes by John. Never left the island, younger, different stuff from the world ? eager to learn from others. Languages, card games, questions for everyone. Never going to go anywhere. Mind like a trap. 16, remembers everyone else?s life. Old soul, hanging out around the hostel. Has a notebook of addresses of everyone. Makes teeshirts in a shack
Covered in postcards from all the people?s he?s met. Not in school. Gets off work at the restaurant, takes off his grubs, goes home kisses mom, and then back in the shack, turns on the lights and there?s the postcards, and presses a teeshirt. Opening scene. Brother talks him into knock offs.

The staff conversations, the total routine of it all. Something that we don?t see that they do; things the maids find in the towels, a concern about the lizards, the refrigerator.
Discussions about the guests.
Transitional place even for them. Talk to Katie Morgan.

Tag teaming on the couple and the surf instructors.
Sometimes the parents and sometimes not.

Chef is over trained, the night life place. The public square space. The co-dependant economy between the surf camp and the local resto/bar

Nick?s female roommates.

Jolt audiences out of your perceptions about where life is best lived.

Play up the Hispanic part of it. Minor characters who only speak Spanish. Inside jokes for Spanish speakers.
Woman owner is the Spanish?.Nico character 17 year old surfer?John/Juan
English as poor barometer for intelligence.

Thick Scottish accent character everyone pretends to understand.

Homework: characteristics of a single character each. How do they feel about work, about each other, about the guests, what are their strengths and weaknesses, suspicious, generous?

Chris: So much for the blue crush, all the action?s here on the beach!
Are there more blonds like that in San Diego?
Nick: Sugar Mammas

Heston as red-face Indian Chris is watching ? loves western movies

Backstory for Tom: watching the golf tournament, sees the surf, and goes to the golf course to find the perfect wave.

The stalker episode. Someone is slumming it there, followed the girl ? you see the rolex in the bathroom.

Brush with danger in Aquadilla.

?Das is in the ?PT looser?

Incorporating all the different cultures, the kitchen and the music.
Speech patterns of the characters.

Pauly Shore
Dumb and Dumber is the story of our generation. No one our age can quote that every single line of the movie.

James ? paddles up to Nick ?I think I cracked a rib?
?Yeah, that can happen? and catches a wave.

The chef: dawn patrol
Early thirties

Mid-season moment, the write up in the magazine. New business kicks off management issues with the husband and wife.

Melanie -- basking in the glow of how other couples see their relationship. PUts on a lovey face, touchy, and sees the idealized version of their life together, buys into for a while, and then things go cold.

Magazine write up episode
Several months later the magazine article comes out without them knowing. Tom gets drunk and sits on the fact checker message. Sort of on purpose. Article comes out everyone else gets the business, and then argument with husband and wife. She sabatages it the second time to get their old crowd back. They're still on the same page about too much business. Overspill crowd is not happy with the thread count and she tries to satisfy their every need, and unplugs the hot water heater.

Chris is cautious.
Someone goes out on the waves alone. and gets hurt. Character just doesn't come back. Didn't pay. The bag is still there. Goes through the bag, the journal. At what point do we call his folks? Tom and Melanie wanting to be parents. Dead guy is lothario, secret surf spot, surf guys jealous of the attention, charming already surfs. Tom paddles the secret spot looking for him.

"Work for four or work for forty"

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Updated: Saturday, 18 February 2006 4:16 PM EST
Paddle Paddle Paddle
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Welcome to the surf blog! Here's where we can make this thing up!

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