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Shoot day:

With introductions, set up, and shooting, it will likely take 40 minutes to an hour (we're blocking 2 hrs for each though, so nothing is rushed.)

We are leaving some of the styling up to you (who will be in the photo, clothes to wear, location of the photograph.) We may at the time, photograph each of you individually in a couple different compositions.

As you think about some of your favorite places in Tiong Bahru, including your home, please feel free to mention ideas to us, and we can collaborate with your ideas to help think about some the best options and times (ex. some scenarios might be best in morning/afternoon light).

We'll take if from there! It will be easy on you.


Available portrait times in May:

Sat. May 7 12-2 pm
Sat. May 7 2-4 pm
Sat. May 7 4-6 pm
Sun. May 8 2-4 pm
Sun. May 8 4-6 pm

Mon. May 9 6-7 pm
Tues. May 10 6-7 pm

Sun. May 15 12-2 pm
Sun. May 15 2-4 pm
Sun. May 15 4-6 pm

Tues. May 17 6-7 pm
Wed. May 18 6-7 pm
Frid. May 20 6-7 pm

Sat. May 21 12-2 pm
Sat. May 21 2-4 pm
Sat. May 21 4-6 pm
Sun. May 22 2-4 pm
Sun. May 22 4-6 pm

Mon. May 23 6-7 pm
Tues. May 24 6-7 pm
Wed. May 25 6-7 pm
Thurs. May 26 6-7 pm
Fri. May 27 6-7 pm

Sat. May 28 12-2 pm
Sat. May 28 2-4 pm
Sat. May 28 4-6 pm
Sun. May 29 2-4 pm
Sun. May 29 4-6 pm
(Times with strike-through are booked. Special times can be arranged on request.)

Contact James & Jessie at


The project is well under way, and we are getting close to our goal of more than 40 portraits. We'll need as many participants as possible to make the project a success - the more the merrier!

We're approaching the project as a personal photographic documentary to begin with - but we would like it to grow into something cohesive and positive, and it could have a public audience in the future.

It's intended to be a collection of images from our space and time here in Tiong Bahru, to capture a bit of the heart and soul of a cool neighborhood. As photographers, it is also a way to give something back, which is why we're offering free prints! We've seen and heard a lot of Tiong Bahru's past - old photos from the 30's, 40's, and on - so we would like to capture here and now, allow for today's Tiong Bahru to become part of the tradition.

We hope to hear from you soon!
All the best,
Jessie + James