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Jessie and James met while working in a café in New Orleans. We got married and moved to Brooklyn in 2000, where we began our careers in the publishing industry. Over the past nine years, we've collectively enjoyed photo editing, assisting for some of our favorite photographers and now friends, earning a MA degree (James) and a PhD (Jessie) at New York University, and shooting editorial assignments near and abroad.

In her research, Jessie found that the verb “to daguerreotype” once meant “to represent or describe with minute exactitude.” In this spirit we photograph pedestrians, elaborate desserts, beach towels, hiking trails, surfers, apartments, farms, open highways, artists, libraries, bicycles, business owners, bedrooms, and plazas. We represent people: the places they live, the things they do, what they wear, and where they like to go.

We've photographed stories for Travel+Leisure, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Budget Travel, Sherman's Travel, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Food Arts, Harper Collins, TimeOut New York, The Improper Bostonian, Story Worldwide/Endless Vacations, and Domino. In 2008, Photo District News named us among "PDN's 30 Emerging Photographers to Watch," and American Photography 25 (November 2009) will show a Chosen image we shot on location for one of our clients.

Beginning July 2009, we will be based in Singapore for most of the year. We are available for commisions worldwide and will maintain relations in New York City as we shoot from our new hub.

We have two personal projects underway: a portrait of art networks that explores the connections between art practice and personal admiration, and a book on how readers visualize famous literary images. You can follow these projects as they develop and read our letters home at

Send us an email at To schedule an assignment or view our portfolios, please call James at (917) 412-0813.